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PEX 8000 Twelve Zone Expander


  • ●PEX 8000 is Zone expander for PX 8000 series to expand a small PA system up to Zone with NONE-interrupt BGM function.
  • ●Remote power on
  • ●AC or DC powered.
  • ●Tabletop or System Rack-mount.


Front Panel:

  • ●Z1 ~ 12 zone select button.
  • ●Z1 ~ 12 zone LED indicator.
  • ●AUX select button.
  • ●AUX LED indicator.
  • ●AMP1 ~2 fault LED indicator.
  • ●Power ON LED indicator.

Rear Panel:

  • ●Z1~12 zone 100V output dry contact, Phoenix connector.
  • ●AMP1~2 100V-IN dry contact, Phoenix connector.
  • ●AMP1~2 XLR Balanced Output.
  • ●AUX: RCA Unbalance Input.
  • ●AUX VR controls the aux level.
  • ●IN: RJ45 connect to Previous unit (PX8000/PEX8000)
  • ●OUT: RJ45 connect to Next unit (PEX8000)
  • ●Dipswitch for setup ID address
  • ●24VDC In to powered the unit, Phoenix connector.
  • ●Power Remote Phoenix connector to remote power on the unit with 24VDC IN.
  • ●Power ON/OFF switch.
  • ●AC Voltage switch
  • ●AC Inlet



PEX 8000

Max Rated Output Power THD

≤ 1%

Input Sensitivity & Impedance

RJ45 : 1V, Balanced

AUX: 1V@10kΩ, Unbalanced

AMP1~2: dry contact 100V

Frequency Response

RJ45 / AUX: 20Hz~20kHz, ±1dB

S/N Ratio

RJ45 >75dB

AUX >75dB


AMP1 & 2: 1V Balanced

Zone1~12: dry contact for 100V



Power On Remote IN


Nominal AC Line Voltage

115V/230V, 50/60Hz

Operation Temperature / Humidity

-10°C ~ +45°C @ 95% R.H. (Non-Condensing)

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~ +70°C

Dimensions (W x D x H)mm

430 x 222 x 44